Thirty minus one

Posted April 29, 2018

Thirty minus one

Thirty years married. How could it have slipped our minds? 

We’re not good with wedding anniversaries. Sometimes we remember; sometimes we don’t. This was one we forgot. We felt deflated. Thirty years together is a big deal. We should have had something special planned. Now it was too late to book a restaurant or arrange a weekend away. Maybe we could at least treat ourselves to a last minute joint gift? 

I did a quick online search and discovered that pearls are the traditional gift for this occasion. Oooh. Lovely! Suddenly I cheered up. It took me all of thirty seconds to type pearl into the search bar on the Tiffany website and find some great pieces of jewellery. For me. Not him. I thought it was meant to be a joint gift, he said. Damn it, I muttered. 

What about a new wedding band, I suggested. We couldn’t afford two decent rings when we married. I got the good one and my husband made do with the cheap version. So cheap that within a few years it was scraped and buckled beyond all recognition. It ended up in the bottom of his man drawer. Of course we'd have to get matching rings, I told him (I wasn’t about to be left out when it came to jewellery!). 

On the day itself we celebrated with champagne and a nice meal at home. Just the two of us. I filled the house with cream roses, gypsophila and white carnations. It was my nod to the pearl theme, colour wise. The following morning we were all set to go and look at rings. And then I remembered. 

“Oh here, hold on a wee minute,” I said.  “We got married in 1989.”

That would make next year our pearl wedding anniversary. 

My husband called me a pillock. I said he was a pillock too - he was as much to blame for the mix up with the dates as me. He disagreed. It was different in his case. He hadn’t a clue what year we married. I clearly did know and still got the maths wrong. We continued to ‘debate’ this for some time before eventually calling a truce. It was, after all, still our anniversary, albeit thirty minus one.

We’ve decided to leave the wedding rings until next year. That’s if we remember. 


Just after posting this I discovered that Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary in style last night with a party held at their home. Amongst the guests were Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey. That might be setting the bar a bit high for us!!

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