Royal baby blues

Posted July 26, 2013

Royal baby blues

I thought I’d be elated following the birth of Kate and William’s first child. Instead, I’m flat as a three day old glass of champagne. 

Don’t get me wrong. I like Kate and William; they’re a refreshingly down to earth Royal couple. I’m happy that everything went well for them and that they now have a healthy 8lb 6oz baby boy. 

I just wish it had been a girl!

Along with millions of others, I watched them on the steps of St Mary’s hospital, presenting their son to the world’s press. I even smiled when they took it in turns to cradle their cute “little scrap”, as someone on the BBC put it. They looked simultaneously thrilled and nervous like any new parents who are about to take their newborn home for the first time. Sweet? Not really. I’d been hoping for a queen.

I’d gone as far as dreaming up my own perfect Royal succession plan - Charles allows William to leapfrog him to the throne; William becomes our first metrosexual king (David Beckham acts as his advisor); William passes the crown to his daughter, who is, of course,  named Elizabeth; the country enters into another golden Elizabethan era. 

Now they’ve gone and spoilt my dream.

This country needs a queen. What it doesn’t need is more boys taking the top jobs and hogging the limelight. There’s enough of that going on already - take a look at the Cabinet, the BBC and the FTSE 100 boardrooms.

Less than one in five parliamentary seats in the United Kingdom are held by women. 

There are just three female chief executives heading FTSE 100 firms. 

Only 18% of our television presenters over 50 are women. 

After the Olympic buzz of last year, when female athletes shared equal screen space with their male counterparts, we’ve reverted to zero coverage for women’s sports and negligible sponsorship. Although over a third of Team GB’s medals were won by women, just 0.5% of the total sponsorship money went to women’s sport. 

It’s as if all our influential, talented women have been given their own room, the back one, while the men puff on cigars and discuss how to run things from their perspective. Even Victoria wouldn’t have put up with that!

HRH Elizabeth is our one enduring British female presence, both on a national and international level. I don’t want to lose her. What other woman commands the respect of world leaders or has Hollywood stars quivering with nerves at the prospect of meeting her? Apart from Helen Mirren, our second, equally charismatic ‘queen’?


The queen is a wife, mother, grandmother and she’s still doing her job well into her 80s. She is a constant reminder of what women can achieve - combining family and career (yes, I know she was born with privileges but as they say in sporting parlance, she’s played a blinder).

If only William and Kate’s child had been a princess, not a prince. It would have been fascinating to watch her inspire a new generation of girls. I believe it would have been good for our country too. 

I’m sad that I won’t see another queen in my lifetime. 

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