Builder's bum

Posted June 28, 2012

Builder's bum

There’s a builder’s bum in one of the Selfridges windows.
It’s part of the store’s quirky jubilee scheme celebrating all things British. Hence the window featuring an imaginary builders’ tea party, complete with mugs of builder's tea, giant sugar cubes in the shape of bricks and … buttock cleavage.

Selfridges didn’t have to look too far for inspiration. As I walked along Oxford Street earlier this week I was immediately struck by the excessive amount of building work being carried out.

I was forced to sidestep sections of dug up pavement; I choked on dust from the shop facades that were being replaced. I shuffled past the site hoarding that cordoned off areas outside Tottenham Court Road and Bond Street tube stations (both stations are currently undergoing major rebuilding work as part of the Crossrail project).

Oxford Street is the busiest shopping district in the UK. I do understand the need for continuous upgrades and improvements.  But why try to do it all in the run up to the most exciting and prestigious sporting event to be staged in the city for more than half a century?

Think of similar last minute bonkers decisions you’ve made that didn't pan out. Like when you invited your entire family to spend Christmas with you. You suddenly noticed how shabby your home looked and launched into a quick fix makeover. You placed a panic order for a new dining table and chairs once you realised you couldn’t actually seat everyone.

Of course, the ‘guaranteed to arrive before Christmas’ delivery of table and chairs never materialised. And you only managed to paint one half of the hallway by Christmas Eve.

Oxford Street has gone through a similar process …
Having opened up our capital city to thousands of international visitors, we took a close look at its main shopping street and found it lacking. Everything needed sprucing up! Unfortunately, all our efforts came too little and too late. Like the hallway of our own home, Oxford Street remains half-finished.

Image: Selfridges windows

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