The man drawer

Posted October 17, 2012

The man drawer

What has your husband, boyfriend or partner got stashed in his ‘man drawer’?

It’s the nightmare drawer used as a dumping ground for all sorts of bits and bobs that your other half hasn’t quite got round to discarding.

A tsunami of male paraphernalia has flooded, what should be, the cutlery drawer in our kitchen. A recent clear out (by me, of course) revealed the following:

  • Tube tickets and car park receipts dating back to 2004.
  • Three expired credit cards. Why can’t he just cut them up and throw them out?
  • A tangle of cables and plugs. He’s not sure what gadgets they belong to or if he still owns them.
  • Coins. I don’t mind this one because I make a pretty packet from bagging them up and recycling them via the bank of ME.
  • Business cards assiduously gathered from various networking events which have then been turfed unceremoniously into the man drawer never again to see the light of day. Unless I’m cleaning out the man drawer and then it’s a nostalgia trip, like reminiscing over old photos.
  • Batteries, fuses, elastic bands, bottle stoppers.
  • A National Trust membership card…..for last year.
  • Two torches??
  • A candle lighter (actually, that’s one of my additions).
  • A screwdriver, hammer and picture hooks. They didn’t make it back into the toolbox in the garage following the last bout of DIY.
  • A lucky pound coin stuck in a champagne cork. Neither of us can remember the auspicious event it relates to.
  • A pack of 20 HB pencils.
  • Two portable hard drives.
I could go on but, by now, I think you’ll have got my drift. Is there a female equivalent to the man drawer? Yes – the cosmetics drawer. Which reminds me, I really must get round to clearing that out…..

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