Exercising in our fifties

Posted January 06, 2012

Exercising in our fifties

As I chatted with my gal pals over coffee this morning, I realised that we had one thing in common: we now exercise more than we ever did when we were younger.

In truth, we didn’t exercise at all when we were younger. So what’s brought about the change in attitude?

Fear! We realise that, once we hit our fifties, we have no choice. We've got to exercise more and eat less simply to maintain the same weight.

My sister informs me that the average person puts on five pounds at Christmas and loses three. Where does she get these facts? And why does she feel compelled to share them?

I did a quick tot up of the last five years. If her information is true then, as a group of friends, we’ve gained 30 pounds.  That’s the equivalent of a young grizzly bear, a king penguin, a female monkey or a two year old child.

The odds are well and truly stacked against us. But we don’t expect to regain the figures we had as young women in our 20s and 30s. That would be like trying to squeeze a size seven foot into a size 5 shoe (painful and futile).

We are game for a challenge though; we don’t want to throw in the towel just yet. So it's great that we’ve all found a form of exercise we actually enjoy. One friend is a fan of aquabatics. Another prefers a good gym workout combined with the motivational support of a personal trainer. For me, after a lifetime of shunning gyms (horrible places full of sweaty, red-faced people), it’s cycling.
Hopefully we haven’t left this exercising lark too late. I’d like to think that we’re getting some return for our efforts (if my sister has another sorry statistic about that, she can keep it to herself!).

The irony is that we feel fitter and healthier than we ever did when we were younger.  We just don’t look as ‘fit’. Life’s a bitch, isn’t it?

Image: SoulCabinette, Flickr

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