Morning gibberish

Posted September 21, 2011

Morning gibberish

“Indian food gives me nightmares.” These are the first words I say to my husband this morning. At 4.30 am.

I ask him why this happens every time I eat an Indian meal the night before. He groans and turns over leaving me to wrestle (in my dream state) with a serial killer who is proving extremely difficult to reason with.

“Can you wear a blue shirt with a black suit?” These are his first words to me. It’s 6.00am.  I have just managed to shrug off the serial killer and am drifting into a peaceful sleep. I could care less about colour co-ordinating his work attire but manage to open one eye and mumble that yes, it looks fine.

“That Ed Balls. I know he’s Labour and they got us into this mess but he actually does sound as if he understands economics.” I’m now fully awake and listening to the radio. Hubby shouts out from the bathroom, “It’s because those lefties on Five Live don’t put any difficult questions to him.” I say that this isn’t true, they do grill him but Ed has an answer for everything. “Humph!!”

We’re now in the kitchen. “Would you stop that inane singing,” says my husband. I tell him I can’t help myself; it’s obviously a sign that I’m happy (maybe I’m just glad to have survived my sleep!). I turn round to find him with his nose pressed against the window. “Look! That fat brown spider is trying to suck the innards out of a daddy longlegs.”

“Coffee or tea?”

We’ve been having these disjointed conversations for the last couple of hours. This is worrying because he’s giving a presentation today and I’m writing an article. I pity our audiences.

Image: Mashkaman, flickr

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