Is bad driving in my DNA?

Posted September 26, 2011

Is bad driving in my DNA?

Children pick up bad driving habits from their parents, according to a new survey. Oh dear! This isn’t encouraging news for me, given my dad’s track record with cars.

He once summersaulted over a hedge in a dazzling display of mid-air acrobatics before landing the right way up in the middle of a field, surrounded by a herd of cows. My brother had been asleep in the back of the car at the time. He was nudged in the ribs and told to get out and open the gate.  He arrived back in the house, dazed and confused, brushing hay from his clothes and muttering, “I’m never getting into a car again with that man; he’s mad!”

Then there was the time involving the special needs school bus. My dad was approaching a narrow bridge just as the bus was driving across it. Any sensible person would have given way but, being an impatient man, he decided there was room enough to squeeze through. There wasn’t. The car ended up jammed between the bus and the wall of the bridge. My mum, who was unfortunate to be in the passenger seat and closest to the bus, was mortified.

His most infamous escapade involved yet another bridge, a flood and a Houdini like escape. Being an impatient man, he attempted to take a short cut over the bridge despite the ‘Hazard - flood warning’ signs. Unfortunately he and the car floated sideways into the swollen river. He just about managed to scramble on to the roof and jump for the river bank before the car started to sink. Later that week I heard him ask my mum what he should put on his insurance claim. I won’t repeat what she said.

I’ve got good news and bad news relating to this survey.

The good news is that my dad no longer drives (phew!). And the even better news is that I never have. The bad news is that my brothers and sisters do drive and we’re a big family.

Image: natashashalcd, flickr

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