Living and dressing for the moment

Posted July 13, 2011

Living and dressing for the moment

Forward planning has never been my strong point. I blame it on my genes!

My family has always had a laissez-faire attitude to arrangements and timings. On route to my brother’s wedding my father asked if anyone knew where the church was. There was stunned silence in the back seat of the car as we realised that, erm, actually, nobody did. We had to phone the groom for directions and overtake the bridal car at high speed in order to get there before the ceremony started.

And when I was running dangerously late for one of my mock ‘O' Level exams my mum reassured me with, “I don’t know what you’re worried about; it’s not as if it’s the real thing.” I slipped into the exam hall, beetroot-faced, trying not to disrupt a hundred students who had all managed to take their places on cue.

Given my family’s predisposition to lateness, it’s no wonder that I’m finding it difficult to keep up to speed with seasonal fashions. I like to buy my clothes as and when the weather dictates but unfortunately that’s not possible. Instead, I’m expected to plan my fashion purchases with the precision of a military strategist. Can’t do it, sorry! So every year I fall into the same trap. I watch the summer sales slide by (I hate going anywhere near them) and am faced with hunting down t-shirts and sundresses when the shops are full of woolly jumpers and boots.

Maybe I should take a leaf out of super-organised Lauren Laverne’s book. A couple of weeks ago she wrote that she’d just bought her Autumn/Winter 2011 coat. She asked if this was wrong when it was still sunny and hot. Yes, yes, yes, it is Lauren! But then if you don’t grab it as soon as you see it, what’s the likelihood of it still being there in, say, November when you really need it?

But it’s not just me and Lauren who are being coerced into forward buying; mums are too. Supermarket chains like Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s are advertising their “Back to School” ranges now, before the schools have even broken up. When I was a kid you didn’t think about new school kit until the week before you were due to return or, in the case of my family, the day before. Anyway, what happens if your kid has a growth spurt during the summer months? Is it all wasted? Or do you factor this in by buying everything two sizes bigger in the hope that they’ll grow into it?

I don't want to live my life as if I've pressed the fast forward button. Can't we slow things down a little?


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