Having it all, Obama style

Posted June 23, 2011

Having it all, Obama style

Women are encouraged to ‘have it all’. I believe we can have it all but it doesn’t have to be all at the same time.

A healthier way to experience life is to properly savour the different phases as we go through them - marriage, career, motherhood, creating a home, giving back to the community - rather than try to juggle them all. Ok, so occasionally some will overlap but we’ll feel happiest if we focus on what is most important to us at the time.

Michelle Obama is a prime example of putting this into practice. Right now, she’s not afraid to call herself ‘mom in chief’. Keeping family life as normal as possible for her kids is her top priority. She gave up her own job (gasp!) to support her husband but doesn’t look as if she’s doing it under duress; in fact, she looks as if she loves every moment. She has embraced the role of First Lady and refashioned it to showcase her warm, exuberant personality.

Before this she had a hugely successful career as a lawyer and you can bet that when her husband is no longer president she will emerge, stronger than ever, ready to embark on an exciting new venture.

Of course I do realise that Michelle Obama has a much bigger support network than most women. So it’s easier for her to choose the things she wants to focus on (I can’t see her doing the housework in the White House for starters!). Nevertheless she’s a great example of the new approach to having it all.

She sums up today’s woman – one who is proud of her abilities, confident in her choices, open to new experiences, prepared to take risks, keen to make a difference and willing to learn. 




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