Maria can hold her head high

Posted May 23, 2011

Maria can hold her head high

Maria Shriver recently came to my notice. Not because of the scandal surrounding her husband’s infidelity.

I’d been vaguely aware that she was the niece of John F Kennedy and wife of Arnold (The Terminator) Schwarzenegger.  But it was her  ground breaking campaigns on women's issues that had really grabbed my attention.

A couple of years back she commissioned a study called ‘A Woman’s Nation Changes Everything’. It revealed that women now make up half the workforce in America.  “The Battle Between the Sexes is over,” said Shriver, “Now we’re engaged in Negotiation Between the Sexes.”

By this she meant that the traditional roles of man as breadwinner and woman as housewife and mother no longer exist. Couples have redefined the modern partnership and how they split family and work duties.

The roles may have changed but it seems that a man's capacity to cheat hasn’t. There wasn’t much ‘negotiation’ taking place when Arnie embarked on his clandestine affair with their housekeeper. This was a purely selfish act.

Shriver gave up her journalism career when her husband entered politics. She supported him and helped him fulfil his ambitions. Now it’s time to put herself first and ‘negotiate’ her way out of the marriage.

To discover that your husband has fathered a love child must be devastating. And it takes herculean effort to pick yourself up and carry on. Shriver strikes me as a ‘classy’ lady - elegant, intelligent and articulate. But, right now,  she’s also a woman who is hurting like hell. She deserves our support.

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