Why the Royal Wedding isn't music to my ears

Posted April 15, 2011

Why the Royal Wedding isn't music to my ears

I suppose it was only a matter of time before the music industry jumped on the Royal Wedding bandwagon. But does it have to be this tacky?

This morning I learnt that Blake are to make a return. Which surprised me because I didn’t even know they’d gone away in the first place. Of course if I had been more up to speed with social networking sites I would have known that they are the classical boy band formed through Facebook. Apparently Princes William and Harry are fans. Maybe even Kate too, who knows?

Anyway, they’re back with a new release titled, All of Me, which is a commemorative track to celebrate the Royal Wedding. What a lovely idea. Nothing to do with the fact that that they are trying to reignite their career?

But they aren’t the only act to cash in on (I mean, commemorate) the Royal Wedding. George Michael has also recorded something especially for William and Kate. He asked his fans on Twitter to suggest a song for him to cover. I’m just relieved they didn’t opt for D.I.V.O.R.C.E the cheesy country classic made famous by Tammy Wynette. Actually, I think I’ll tweet him that one anyway and suggest he keeps it in reserve for a further comeback. Just in case things don’t go too well for him or the royal couple.

Let’s not stop there. I hear that Bucks Fizz have reformed. Perhaps they could perform an updated version of Making Your Mind Up as an ironic wink to waity Katie’s perseverance. Let’s get Abba back on stage with I do, I do, I do, I do, I do. Doesn’t float your boat?

Alright then, how’s about a chirpy little number from Chas & Dave? They are nearing the end of their Reunion Tour 2011 so it would be perfect timing to put out a cockney wedding ballad and accompanying video featuring pearly queen and king royal lookalikes.

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