Weighty Katie

Posted April 21, 2011

Weighty Katie

 So what if Kate Middleton looks slim?

Kate was shopping in the Kings Road yesterday. To me, she looked happy and carefree but the papers have dragged up the ‘weighty Katie’ issue again, suggesting that she’s become too thin. I say, leave her alone. Every bride loses weight in the run up to her wedding.

I did, without even trying. My wedding dress was a size 8/10; I have always been a size 12. But I didn’t purposefully set out to lose weight, it just happened.

The outfit has remained tucked away at the back of my wardrobe since my wedding day. It should by now have its own glass showcase as a testament to a once in a lifetime achievement, my own wedding Olympics gold medal award for super slimness. Because I’ll never be that tiny again – ever!

So, getting back to Kate, what would be the lesser of two evils? Drop a few pounds due to the excitement of the build up to your wedding? Or tuck into the crispy kremes through stress and morph into a pre-wedding porker? I can just imagine the headlines.

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