Too much sun causes wrinkles

Posted April 20, 2011

Too much sun causes wrinkles

It’s too hot to iron!

My pile of ironing is growing taller every day but I can’t bring myself to tackle it in this sunny weather. Neither can I put it out of my mind.

My husband can. He simply irons one item at a time, as and when he needs it, and ignores the rest. Maybe I need to adopt a male approach.

I know a widower in his 80s who only irons the cuffs and collar of his shirt. His logic is - if he’s wearing it under a jumper, why waste time and effort on something that other people can’t see. That’s assuming, of course, that he keeps his jumper on at all times. Most women, including me, would recoil in horror at the suggestion. I mean,  it just wouldn’t feel right. I’ve only recently stopped ironing my knickers, for pity’s sake!

Anyway, I’m gradually adopting a ‘what you don’t see won’t harm you’ attitude. I sometimes only iron the centre of my fitted sheets. The elasticated corners only get attempted when I have house guests. If it’s family I don’t bother at all. However, I do iron every top sheet (I'm not a total slattern).

It will be 25 degrees in London tomorrow. Do you suppose hubby would mind wearing a jumper over his crinkly shirt?

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