Overwhelmed with happiness

Posted April 12, 2011

Overwhelmed with happiness

Tonight I tried to log on to the Action for Happiness website. “We’re overwhelmed!” was the message I read. At first I thought it was their cuddly way of welcoming a new member. I was starting to feel all warm inside until I realised that the site had crashed. Fleeting happiness was replaced with disappointment and mild irritation. Which is ironic considering that Action for Happiness is a newly launched organisation dedicated to spreading happiness and is actively seeking members.

I don’t know if being overwhelmed at this early stage is a good or a bad sign. Either there are hordes of people keen to spread good cheer in the world. Hoorah!! Or there are vast amounts of miserable sods desperately seeking advice on how to improve the quality of their lives (the website apparently provides nuggets of wisdom on this topic).

And now my own peace of mind has been affected.  I don’t know how I’ll get to sleep tonight worrying if some poor techie is about to be sacked. Not to mention the untold stress that the Action for Happiness personnel must be feeling at the moment. They are, after all, hoping for a global reach and who wants the world to be watching as you grapple with a dysfunctional website?

Come on guys – get it sorted. Because my instincts are telling me that you’re on the mark with this one. I’m obviously not the only one keen to hear what you have to say.


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