In dreams

Posted April 28, 2011

In dreams

Kate Middleton dreamt that she turned up naked for her wedding. Obviously there’s no chance of that happening tomorrow. There is, however, a very strong possibility that I’ll be in my pyjamas.

Relax; I’m not intending to wear them to the Abbey. I’m not invited for a start and, even if I was, I wouldn’t make it past the first security cordon in that garb. Instead, I'll be in my own living room glued to my television from early morning. And as I don't want to miss ANYTHING I won't get a chance to put my proper clothes on. There's a valid reason for my own state of undress.

But I'm intrigued as to why Kate has been dreaming about going au naturel. The fact that she chose to mention it makes it a double reveal. Not only did she have a naked dream (which most people would keep to themselves) but she also chose to talk about it. What’s going on?

Freud believed that “dreams of being naked are dreams of exhibiting”. So Kate’s dream isn’t about shame. It has nothing to do with concerns about being exposed. In fact it means quite the opposite: she wants to be  seen. That bodes well for tomorrow given that the anticipated global audience is two billion people. Assuming Freud is right, she shouldn’t be at all fazed by the enormity of the occasion. We’ll see a poised, relaxed bride who’s more than happy to take centre stage.

Mind you, there is a still a niggling doubt in my head. Remember that see-through dress Kate modelled in a university catwalk show? It certainly grabbed William’s attention at the time. Well, he might want to keep an eye out for any hints of a return to such exhibitionism. Otherwise we’ll all be seeing a lot more of our future queen than we’d ever imagined.

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