The Village: A bridge too far?

Posted March 09, 2011

The Village: A bridge too far?

And there I was thinking that we were happily integrated into village life. I was wrong. Today the barricades went up; the village’s first no-go area is now official.

I spent my formative years in strife torn Northern Ireland. They barricaded the streets there too but that was to keep rival factions apart during a period of violent civil unrest. Of course I can’t compare that time with the current dispute about access to the playing fields bordering my street. However, tensions are mounting.

It’s all to do with the bridge. It was constructed by the builders of our development to provide access from our street to the playground.  All very helpful apart from one tiny detail that seems to have been overlooked – right of way. Doh!! So now we can walk across the bridge but not step off the other side. To do so would be to commit trespass.

If you were light of foot you could always try jumping the ditch. Technically speaking, if you’re in mid-air performing a balletic leap worthy of Nureyev, does it still constitute as trespass? Not that I’m agile enough to give it try. I’ll stick to dodging traffic on the main road by taking the long way round.

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