Letter to Elizabeth Taylor

Posted March 31, 2011

Letter to Elizabeth Taylor

“Home was where Elizabeth was, and he wanted to come home."

Shortly before his sudden death in 1958 Richard Burton wrote a final love letter to Elizabeth Taylor. Elizabeth never revealed the full details of the letter but the quote above is how she summarised its content.

The depth of feeling behind the words takes my breath away. And Elizabeth clearly treasured this letter. She kept it for 27 years and was reportedly buried last week with the note at her side. I can imagine her returning to the letter over the years, tracing his familiar handwriting with her fingertips and reliving the fire and passion of their love affair through his words.

I’ve only had one love letter in my lifetime that packed an emotional punch.  Actually it was intended as a goodbye letter (he’d been bruised by a failed romance and was scared to commit again) but it was so beautifully written, highlighting everything that was remarkable and good about me, that it had the opposite effect. I’m still with the letter writer to this day. In typical fashion I just ignored the bit I didn't like which, in this case, was wanting to end the relationship before it got too serious.

I wish I’d kept the letter because he has never poured out his heart like that since.  But I still have the memory. And what I read in that one letter was enough to convince me that he was worth waiting for.

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