A hop, skip and a jump

Posted March 15, 2011

A hop, skip and a jump

A recent survey has looked at how children play. And it has revealed that children don’t just rely on expensive computer games and high tech gadgets for entertainment. The traditional games of tag and skipping are still as popular as ever.

Which led me to think back to the games I used to enjoy playing as a child. I was never the sporty type so anything requiring eye and hand co-ordination was completely ruled out.  But I could master hopping, skipping and jumping. Indeed the one and only ‘sports’ award I ever won was the Explorer’s Cup given to the best all-rounder in the Girls Brigade. All because of my skipping prowess! I was six years old when I won this accolade yet I still look upon it as one of my proudest moments.

I then progressed to French skipping. This is a bit a misnomer because it had nothing to do with a skipping rope. French skipping (I have no idea why it was attributed to the French) involved performing a series of convoluted jumps with a loop of elastic. As the playground expert I won the respect of all my classmates and I was happy to suffer the shin burns resulting from hours of competitive play. No pain, no gain, as they say.

Hopscotch wasn’t such a success as this required more balance and I quickly learnt that if I hopped like a stork on one leg I’d fall over. Funny – I have the same problem nowadays with the balancing movements in Pilates.

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