Reality Radio?

Posted February 04, 2011

Reality Radio?

My radio alarm is set to the BBC’s Radio Five Live every weekday morning. I switched from music a long time ago as it was way too cheerful for me first thing in the morning.

It can be a bit disorientating waking up to a news channel though. I once heard the familiar voice of my CEO – how was I to know that he was being interviewed at such an ungodly hour? – as I was dragging myself into consciousness. Unnerving to say the least! It took me quite a while to realise, with relief, that he wasn’t actually in the bedroom with me.

Mind you, everything has a surreal quality to it when I’m rousing myself from a deep sleep. It seems entirely possible that Essex could be caught in the eye of a tornado (sounded like it the way the wind was howling around my house this morning) or that the county is in the throes of a military coup (scarily feasible until I realise that the booming noise outside is just the bird scare going off in the field behind me). It had me going for a moment though.

Actually, now that I think about it, I may just switch back to a music channel. It would be so much easier on my nerves.

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