Pilates please

Posted February 09, 2011

Pilates please

Booking a place on a Pilates class at my local gym takes the kind of Herculean organisational skills that I obviously don’t have. I’ve been told that I have to book the class exactly 8 days in advance (no pre-booking is allowed) so this requires a calendar note to prompt myself.

This is tricky enough to remember. But as if this wasn’t bad enough I also have to phone in within the first half hour of the gym opening if I’m to stand any chance of securing a place. Given that the gym opens at 6.30 in the morning I now have to forgo breakfast until I’ve got it sorted. Food deprivation first thing in the morning is always guaranteed to start me off on a bad track.

I could understand if I was on speed dial because I’m hunting down tickets for a Take That concert the second they go on sale. But this is just an exercise class, for crying out loud. Time to sign off as I can feel my blood pressure beginning to rise. I’d book a reflexology session to wind down but I hear there is a long waiting list. Grrr!

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