Ice and elves

Posted February 01, 2011

Ice and elves

I’m going to Iceland this summer. No, I’m not planning a cut-price bulk buy to stock up my freezer. I’m referring to Bjork’s homeland, the land of glaciers, geysers, spewing volcanoes and…..elves.

I’ve been e-mailing holiday rental owners trying to sort out somewhere to stay. One owner signed off with “Best wishes from the elves of Iceland”. Do you think he was being ironic? I don’t like to ask in case I appear rude because apparently Icelanders take their little people very seriously. One of my friends recently described me as always having been “away with the fairies” (I think she meant I have an overly fertile imagination?) so I should fit right in.

In order to fit in even more I’ve decided to learn some of the language – just the basics – because it would be good to ‘crack the fat’ with some of the locals. So far I’ve learnt to say, hello and goodbye, two coffees and potato. Unless I pick up a few more phrases restaurant meals are going to be very limited.

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