Holding back the years

Posted February 11, 2011

Holding back the years

I was over the moon to hear that the soap opera Dallas is to return to our screens. Until I learnt that Linda Gray, who will reprise her role as Sue Ellen, is now 70. OMG, how and when did that happen?

Anyway, she’s looking fabulous as her recent catwalk picture reveals. Although I suspect she’s undergone a little bit of nip and tuck. If she has then she has chosen her surgeon wisely because she could easily pass for someone twenty years younger. This would place her in the middle-aged ‘cougar’ bracket.

Sounds great but there are some potential pitfalls. Let’s assume you’ve managed to snag a younger man and you’re making passionate love. He may be able to deal with the fact that you’re wearing gloves to disguise your ageing hands or that the perpetual look of surprise on your face has less to do with sexual gratification and more to do with lack of elasticity.

But will he pass the final flinch test or will you regret not spending that last £3,000 on vaginoplasty?

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