Green and orange hair crisis

Posted February 23, 2011

Green and orange hair crisis

My stylist was halfway through cutting my hair yesterday when a colourist approached her, clutching a long, matted lock of hair. She was looking a bit anxious. “Remember that lady with the green hair I told you about?” she whispered. “Well, she’s here again”.

We all stared at the strand of hair cradled in the palm of her hand. And yes, it did indeed have a distinctive green tinge to it.  The woman had spent years bleaching it at home and her liberal use of harsh chemicals had finally taken their toll. “Maybe she could keep it for St. Patrick’s Day,” I suggested, which didn’t go down too well. It was clearly no time for flippancy.

The priority was to restore the condition of her hair. And there was only one solution: grow it out. The lady, they concluded, would have to persevere with this. I thought things had been sorted but the colourist had one last question. “Do you think I can do anything about the orange roots?”

Let me think on this for a moment. Wear a hat?

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