Ban annoying adults from flights, not children

Posted February 02, 2011

Ban annoying adults from flights, not children

A survey has revealed that up to three-quarters of passengers flying business class find children annoying. Airlines are being asked to consider introducing child free flights. Well yes, children can be annoying especially if you end up sitting next to a screaming baby for the entire trip. But the grownups can be a lot worse to contend with. So why not ban the following?

Snifflers Anyone with a runny nose, streaming eyes (or worse) a phlegmy cough should automatically be turned away at the departure gate.

Spillovers You know the type. They flick the pages of their paper across the armrest of your seat. Or gradually tilt towards you as they fall into a deep sleep, eventually resting their full weight on your shoulder.

Fidgets They can’t navigate the limited tray space when food is served. You watch them try to unwrap their plastic cutlery without knocking over their drink knowing full well that they’ll never succeed. Any minute now… here it comes, here it comes….yep, as predicted, coffee all down your sleeve.

Lushes After their third of fourth tipple they are ready to get to know you better. They are impervious to the sarcastic rebuff. They just think you’re playing hard to get.

Chatterboxes I recently sat in front of a young couple who twittered a load of utter b******s for the entire flight. I swear they didn’t stop to catch their breath once.

And finally, ANYONE who asks you if you have a faith. There is never a right answer to that question.

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