Monthly Archive: February 2011

I'm after a mobile phone, not a chunk of cheese

Posted on February 27, 2011

I have never rushed out to buy the latest ‘must have’ gadget. I could care less about gizmos and super-functionality. As far as I’m concerned the simpler it is, the better. Of course it also helps if it looks pretty.
I’ve been putting off.. >>> more

You bring in the money: I've had enough!

Posted on February 24, 2011

Chatting to my female friends over dinner recently, it suddenly dawned on me that they all earn substantially more than their partner. My friends are proud of their achievements and they enjoy the comfortable lifestyle that goes with their.. >>> more

Green and orange hair crisis

Posted on February 23, 2011

My stylist was halfway through cutting my hair yesterday when a colourist approached her, clutching a long, matted lock of hair. She was looking a bit anxious. “Remember that lady with the green hair I told you about?” she whispered. “Well, she’s.. >>> more

Irish and French demand a real deal

Posted on February 21, 2011

The French moan that they have to work too hard. The Irish complain that they can’t get work. The root of the problem? Reality television.
Traveller families are considering taking legal action against Channel 4 over the negative impact that My.. >>> more

Thinking big

Posted on February 17, 2011

I was once a spectator at a young kids’ football match. The goalkeeper was a lot smaller than his team mates and half-way through the match he was faced with a penalty kick. As he prepared himself for the (unlikely!) save, his mother hollered, “Make.. >>> more

From white lilies to red roses

Posted on February 16, 2011

On Valentine’s Day I attended a funeral. No reds or pinks; just a monochrome day of dark suits and white lilies.
The funeral was in Ireland which meant spending a few days away from home. When I got back I found that the fresh flowers in my.. >>> more

Holding back the years

Posted on February 11, 2011

I was over the moon to hear that the soap opera Dallas is to return to our screens. Until I learnt that Linda Gray, who will reprise her role as Sue Ellen, is now 70. OMG, how and when did that happen?
Anyway, she’s looking fabulous as her.. >>> more

Catherine the Great, Ena and me

Posted on February 10, 2011

I enjoy the odd glass of Guinness. And as a publican’s daughter I fully appreciate the craft involved with pulling the perfect pint - topping up slowly, allowing the drink to settle at each stage before finishing off with a perfect, creamy.. >>> more

Pilates please

Posted on February 09, 2011

Booking a place on a Pilates class at my local gym takes the kind of Herculean organisational skills that I obviously don’t have. I’ve been told that I have to book the class exactly 8 days in advance (no pre-booking is allowed) so this.. >>> more

Coffee makes men stupid

Posted on February 08, 2011

“Two heads are better than one,” so the saying goes. Not if you happen to be male, stressed, and drinking coffee. A recent study, carried out by Doctor Lindsay St. Claire, a psychologist based at Bristol University, revealed that coffee helps.. >>> more

Stay healthy: get a cleaner

Posted on February 07, 2011

Most days I eat lunch on my own. It’s sad, I know, but that’s one of the drawbacks of working from home. Although I do sometimes have a lengthy one way conversation with the neighbour’s cat if it wanders into my garden.
So today, at a networking.. >>> more

Reality Radio?

Posted on February 04, 2011

My radio alarm is set to the BBC’s Radio Five Live every weekday morning. I switched from music a long time ago as it was way too cheerful for me first thing in the morning.
It can be a bit disorientating waking up to a news channel though. I.. >>> more

Modern love

Posted on February 03, 2011

“Love means never having to say you're sorry”. Come again?
It’s the famous tagline from Love Story, the iconic 1970 film which I saw for the first time in years last night. The film is cheesy in the extreme but I watched it with a lump in my.. >>> more

Ban annoying adults from flights, not children

Posted on February 02, 2011

A survey has revealed that up to three-quarters of passengers flying business class find children annoying. Airlines are being asked to consider introducing child free flights. Well yes, children can be annoying especially if you end up sitting next.. >>> more

Ice and elves

Posted on February 01, 2011

I’m going to Iceland this summer. No, I’m not planning a cut-price bulk buy to stock up my freezer. I’m referring to Bjork’s homeland, the land of glaciers, geysers, spewing volcanoes and…..elves.
I’ve been e-mailing holiday rental owners trying.. >>> more

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