Who'd look after the winning lottery ticket in your house?

Posted October 14, 2011

Who'd look after the winning lottery ticket in your house?

Your heart is beating faster as one number after another comes up. You check the results over and over again. Oh my god, you really have won the lottery! You now need to guard the ticket with your life. Which of you could be trusted with that task?

In our house, it wouldn’t be me. Yesterday, I was halfway down the street when I realised that I’d left my handbag in the supermarket trolley - again. See what I mean?

If I was to hide the ticket away for safekeeping I’d end up putting it somewhere so safe that we’d only ever find it again once the date for registering our claim had well and truly expired. A bit like the theatre tickets I recently unearthed six months after the actual show took place.

My husband, on the other hand, doesn’t throw any tickets away. In fact he still has all his railcards from five years ago, stuffed in a kitchen drawer. He’s definitely the safer bet.

Mind you he’ll need to keep an all-night vigil on both the winning ticket and me. Because I have a tendency to manically clean the house when I’m anxious. And I would be in an extremely high state of anxiety if I knew we’d just won millions. There is a very real chance that I’d scoop up his jeans, with the winning ticket still in the pocket, and shove them in the washing machine. I don’t think any amount of marriage counselling would get us through that glitch in our relationship.

At least I don’t have any pets or small children to worry about. But if I did, I’d want to keep them well away.  Just in case one of them accidently chewed the ticket up. I can only imagine how I’d feel if every time I looked into the eyes of my cat (or worse, my kid), all I could see is a £££££ LOST!!!! sign.

 Image: spratmackrel, Flickr

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