Ed's feminine side

Posted September 29, 2010

Ed's feminine side

Ed Milliband, in his first speech as the new Labour leader, said that the Party had been “wrong to take Britain to war” and for claiming it could "end boom and bust." Why all the apologising?

A recent study in America has shown that men apologise less than women. Apparently men have a higher tolerance level for wrongdoing than women. Aah, now I understand! That explains Wayne Rooney’s “so what?” attitude when his wife, Coleen, discovered that he had been paying a prostitute for sex throughout her pregnancy. It’s also why Clinton denied having sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky. He saw nothing ‘wrong’ in indulging in a bit of extra marital fellatio because, technically, it's not really sex. Hilary had a different take on things.

Management development experts will tell you that a sign of authentic (staying true to yourself) leadership is the ability to show humility by admitting when you’ve made a mistake. Ok, so the mistakes that Ed Milliband has owned up to aren’t actually his own – he’s quick to point out that they were made by his predecessors.

Nevertheless, I hope that Ed continues to develop his feminine side. It will make him the only male politician in the country who really understands the difference between right and wrong.

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