The Village: Not So Pretty In Pink

Posted May 31, 2010

The Village: Not So Pretty In Pink

What’s the topic du jour? The Tory – Lib Dem alliance, the £6 billion cost savings, the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud or the BP oil spillage? None of these if you live in Thaxted. Here it’s the colour of the windows of the Indian restaurant which are newly painted in a shade that falls somewhere between bubblegum pink and lurid lilac.

I eat at my local Indian restaurant once a week. Great food and attentive service. It’s popular not just with me but with many of the locals. It also does a roaring trade in takeaways and people love to stop for a chat and to exchange pleasantries with the staff.

But at the moment all the talk is about the choice of paint colour. Being Essex, people aren’t holding back on their opinions or their suggestions that it shouldn’t be allowed to stay that way.

Maybe we’re all being too hasty because the refurbishment, I’m told, isn’t complete. The building itself has yet to be painted blue. I’m trying to imagine what shade of blue will offset the neon-hued windows. I can’t think of any.

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