Naked in Barcelona

Posted May 25, 2010

Naked in Barcelona

I was sitting in a bustling roadside cafe in Barcelona last weekend eating lunch when a naked man walked past. I almost choked on my salmon a la plancha.

He was striding purposefully down the busy street, oblivious to the finger pointing and the sniggers, as if he had popped out (literally) for a paper and just happened to forget to put his clothes on. As you do.

He’d remembered to accessorise though. He was sporting a Panama hat, a pair of open sandals and had nonchalantly slung a small bag across his chest. Well, where else would you put your small change?

Of all the sights I took in on my trip to Barcelona, this was by far the most eye-popping. Now every time I recall this vibrant, Gaudi-inspired city the first image that springs to mind will always be ‘naked man’.

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