The Village: The Herb Garden

Posted March 12, 2010

My husband, clearly influenced by our move to the countryside, has decided to go all green fingered and create a herb garden. At first he thought he would dig up a sizeable area of our (not very large garden) and convert it into an allotment. That was immediately vetoed – I want flowers, not potatoes! 

As with his previous hobbies, he has purchased every conceivable piece of equipment and paraphernalia first. He likes to be prepared. To date, this includes the purchase of several encyclopaedic sized tomes about herbs, herb pots in various sizes, assorted gardening tools and gardening gloves. Oh, and did I mention the specially constructed raised herb bed in front of the kitchen window?

On Sunday he bought his first herbs from a local garden centre and began planting them the minute we got home. I wandered out to see how he was getting on and was met with an icy blast of cold air and a wind chill factor that had me quickly scuttling back indoors for warmth. Anyway, he soldiered on, bravely ignoring the pain of frozen fingers until he completed his task.

Perhaps he should have checked the weather forecast first because that night the temperature plummeted to minus six degrees. He dashed out the following morning only to discover that the herbs were frozen solid in their pots. Did I sympathise? Nope! Did I laugh like a drain? You bet!

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