Je n'adore pas Dior

Posted November 11, 2010

Today I picked up a copy of Harper’s Bazaar, my occasional ‘treat’ magazine. I love Harper’s Bazaar for its sleek, glossy style and unabashed celebration of all things fabulous and luxurious. I also enjoy reading its insightful interviews with iconic women. The December edition features an article on Lauren Hutton's time as a Playboy Bunny and I couldn’t wait to read it.

I caressed the gold embossed cover (is that loving it too much?) before flicking through the pages searching for Lauren. But the magazine popped open at an insert for the Dior perfume, J’Adore. Unfortunately I don’t adore it at all. One whiff and my eyes start to water and I’m gasping for air.

My husband says it smells like old women trying to mask body odour issues. Seeing the distress I was in hubby gallantly ripped the offending pages out of the magazine and dumped them in the bin. Now I may actually be able to read it without reaching for an oxygen mask.

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