Hands are the new face

Posted November 29, 2010

A few seasons ago the fashion industry declared that navy was the new black. The colour black was deemed too harsh and unflattering to the skin. Navy, it was argued, offers the same slimming effect but is much kinder to the complexion. This was relatively easy to deal with – you just pushed your LBD to the back of the wardrobe and brought it back out again when the fad passed.

Fast forward to Autumn/Winter 2010 and things have got a whole lot more complicated. It’s not the colour of your dress you should be worrying about; it's matching your face to your hands. In an article in the Financial Times this weekend Anna-Maria Solowij reported on the surge in treatments for ageing hands. One dermatologist, Dr. Nick Lowe, has declared that “hands are now the new face”. How so?

Because your hands give your age away quicker than saying, “I remember flares the first time round”. So there is no point in ‘purchasing’ the face of a 40 year old when your hands are obviously those of a woman in her fifties. Check out Madonna if you need convincing. But help is at hand, so to speak. You can now use fillers to get rid of any bulging veins and give your hands a softer, plumper look.

It’s all a bit too high maintenance for me. For a start, I’m not good at multi-tasking on a large scale. I can’t even manage three saucepans on the go at the same time. Remembering to book my hair appointments in advance is hard work. Having to co-ordinate hand, face and lip treatments would be a challenge too far. Not that I would be tempted anyway. And can you imagine if it all got out of sequence? Your friends wouldn’t know if they’d be meeting the old hands/young face you, or the young hands/old face version.

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