A plastic fantastic royal wedding

Posted November 18, 2010

A plastic fantastic royal wedding

The marriage between William and Kate has only just been announced. Yet already it is being dubbed the ‘austerity’ wedding (groan!).  I love a royal wedding and all the trimmings that go with it but all this talk of paring things down is threatening to turn the celebration into one big fat squib. However, as every citizen in the country is expected to take the recent budget cuts on the chin, I suppose it seems only right that the royal wedding reception should also make some cost savings.

“We’ve always believed that parties do not have to be lavish and expensive occasions”, says Carole Middleton, mother of the bride-to-be. Of course she’s not actually referring to the royal nuptials. She is talking about Party Pieces, her family’s online partyware company. Party Pieces has responded to the recession by stocking some great “value-for-money offers” for anyone who needs to organise a party on a shoestring. The Windsors? 

So forget the crystal and bone china and bring on the plastic. Bubbly will now be served up in plastic champagne glasses at  just £1.29 each and party nibbles will be presented on plastic food trays - a snip at £9.99 for 10. This will save the nation a bundle on smashed crockery. The other good news is that they can be used over and over again for all future celebrations. That’s handy to know, just in case things don’t work out.

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