The Village: Senior Cyclists

Posted August 24, 2009

The Village: Senior Cyclists

Thaxted is a magnet for senior cyclists. They congregate in the village like a pensioners’ chapter of Hells Angels but minus the leather and greasepaint.

Sitting outside Parrishes in the late afternoon sun drinking coffee, their bikes propped up beside them, they studiously consult maps, trace a route with their finger and nod sagely. Then they head up the steep hill leading out of the village towards Saffron Walden. That’s the odd thing - they never seem to be heading down hill which would be infinitely easier.

I’m always amazed by how ‘fit’ they seem. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to hit on any aging lotharios. I mean they look healthy rather than a hot piece of stuff although any gym enthusiast would envy their slim physique, muscular calves and tight buns. I’m not sure they would feel the same way about crinkly knees though. Oh well, you can’t be a senior cyclist and defy gravity entirely.



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