Posted June 14, 2009


I think Lindsay Lohan is on to a winner. No, I'm  not talking about her relationship with Samantha Ronson (it is back on again, isn't it?). I'm referring to the recent launch of her own line of leggings.

Clearly I should have sought her quality brand instead of opting for the bargain purchase from my local market stall. I had been searching fruitlessly for a pair of white leggings for ages and was only too happy to snap up the bargain pair I saw. I mean, how wrong can you go - leggings are leggings, right?

Actually, you can get it very wrong as I learnt to my cost when I put them on for the first time. "What do you think?" I asked my husband as I twirled round in my long blue and white striped shirt, leggings and navy pumps. I thought I was channeling the nautical trend very successfully but sadly, this was obviously not the case. I watched his expression swiftly change from appreciation to alarm as he scanned my outfit. "Well, the top half looks great," he said "but .... there's something a bit weird going on with the bottom half." And as I glanced down, all I could see was a pair of knobbly knees heavily accentuated by the thin, luminous white fabric. "Perhaps a darker colour?" suggested my husband diplomatically. At least with Lilo's range I could always include the knee pads as extra camouflage.

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