Diversity's pensioner fan base

Posted June 02, 2009

Diversity's pensioner fan base

Well done Diversity for clinching the top prize in Britain's Got Talent; it seems we really are a nation of dancers after all. Mind you, I now know that if I ever need to check the pulse of the nation, all I have to do is speak to my 80 year old father-in-law. A loyal reader of our most popular tabloid newspaper, he follows all the reality TV shows with dedication and enthusiasm.

He phoned just before the final results of Britain's Got Talent to tell me he had voted for Diversity. Once I had got my head around the idea of him voting for a street dance group, I asked him why he thought they should win. Brushing aside the fact that he mistakenly thought the little kid with the curly hair and glasses was a girl, he went on to explain,  "Because they're a nice bunch of guys, they are inventive and put on a good show." He said he would place Susan Boyle second and the saxophonist, Julian Smith, in third place.

This turned out to be the exact sequence of the public vote. Now, if only he could pick horses or lottery numbers as well as that!

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