Blonde Ambition

Posted June 10, 2009

Blonde Ambition

Forget girl power, the phrase famously coined by the Spice Girls, that’s so over! Nowadays it’s all about blonde power or at least that’s what the Go Blonde campaign in Latvia would have us think.

The first weekend in June saw around 600 blonde bombshells from the Latvian Blondes Association parading through the centre of Riga, the Latvian capital. Their aim was to help people forget the economic crisis that has left their Baltic state reeling and bring a bit of cheer to the city.

I’m not sure if they deliberately styled themselves on Elle, Reece Witherspoon’s character from Legally Blonde or perhaps took their sartorial inspiration from Paris Hilton. They all wore cutesy pink and white outfits to offset their blonde tresses. An accompanying small dog, no larger than a rat or pet guinea pig, also seemed to be de rigeur.

Brunettes and redheads were allowed to join in but had to take their place somewhere near the back of the procession. As a brunette this bothers me. I’m all for helping to cheer people up in these depressing times so this seems like outright discrimination and anyway, what if you have bleached blonde hair or blonde highlights? Would that not be considered cheating? Maybe it’s more important to have a blonde attitude - I feel blonde, therefore I am.

The parade, which was part of a blonde weekend of activities, managed to create its own tourist attraction which is one novel way to give the economy a boost. It also raised much needed funds to provide playgrounds for disabled children. Further events are already scheduled for next year. Maybe all this blondeness is not so sugar sweet after all and has an ambitious edge to it. Enter a new dawn in politics. On the Go Blonde website , Marika Gederte states, “Yes, we are proud of being blondes, we are happy that there are lots of jokes about us but please do not forget that blondes are also presidents, diplomats and simply wonderful ladies.”

So that’s telling us then. It also got me racking my brains for blonde and beautiful UK examples. Well, on the political front, there is always Ann Widdecombe, the Conservative politician, I suppose. She had an image overhaul a few years back and went from dark to blonde overnight. Suddenly she was fronting the TV show, Have I Got News for You and her career has been on the rise ever since. Maybe she saw how world politics were heading and decided to take positive action. And look at how the redoubtable blonde, Joanna Lumley, has recently outsmarted the government and captured the hearts of the nation in her campaign for the Ghurkhas. She was even voted the female celebrity people would most like to see leading the country in an online poll.

When I look at Gordon Brown’s thunderous face on TV or in the papers I can’t help thinking that we could do with a bit of blonde power to lighten the mood here too. Of course Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, is already channeling the look. Who says blonde ambition can't apply to men as well?

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