Royals "thick as a plank"

Posted June 07, 2009

Prince Harry has confided that he has found his pilot training with the Army Air Corps harder than he had anticipated. In an interview, during what has been acknowledged as a highly successful official trip to New York, Harry said, "There's times when I thought, you know, I'm really not cut out for this, mentally. I hope I've got the skills to fly a helicopter, but mentally, there are the exams and everything."

This open assessment of his strengths and shortcomings is resonant of his mother's words when she famously stated that she was "as thick as a plank". I find it refreshing that Harry, like Diana, was so candid about his admission that academia is not his thing. He just doesn't pretend to be something he's not. I can forgive  his youthful indiscretions (who goes to a fancy dress party as a Nazi?) when he is this honest and forthright. When you listen to Harry, you really feel as if he is speaking from the heart and I, for one, hope that he can continue to do so.

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